Compiling psqlODBC on Unix

Following psqlODBC's move away from the main PostgreSQL source tree, Peter Eisentraut was kind enough provide a build environment for us which is now included in psqlODBC tarballs.


To install, just try something like:

% tar -zxvf psqlodbc-xx.xx.xxxx.tar.gz
% cd psqlodbc-xx.xx.xxxx
% ./configure
% make
% make install

The configure script will accept the following useful options:

Building a distribution



autoreconf -i

You can run 'make maintainer-clean' to remove all the files this generates.


make install

configure has the same options that the PostgreSQL configure used to have for ODBC, namely --with-iodbc or --with-unixodbc

Making a Source Distribution

'make dist' makes a file psqlodbc-xx.xx.xxxx.tar.gz. It's even better to use 'make distcheck', which runs a number of tests to see if the distribution is internally consistent.

The distribution does not contain any Windows-specific files (*.def, maybe others). If it is desired to include them, edit