psqlODBC release notes - 7.3 and below


Releases from this point onwards are based on the REL-07_03_ENHANCED code branch of psqlODBC - please see for further details.

The following changes are based on the 07.03 codebase


1.Handle the converion from text-like field to SQL_C_BINARY more properly.
2.Make buffer extension in SQLPutData more effective.
3.Reply SQL_CONVERT_xxxx correctly for SQLGetInfo request.
4.Reply DBMS_NAME, DBMS_VERSION correctly for SQLGetInfo request.
5.Not call show max_identifier_length in PG 7.4.
6.Change adjustLikePattern() to take literal quote(') into account.
7.Fix a bug in memory debug routine.
8.Change the multibyte encoding list to match that of the current
  offical driver.
9.Change SC_clear_error() to call CC_clear_error() also.
10.Change the length values returned when they are unknown for
   SQLDescribeCol or SQLColAttribute requests.


1.Fix the handling of *too small buffer* in the Unicode version.
2.Fix the behavior of DiscardStatementSvp which resets the status too early.
3.Fix the bug in PGAPI_ParamData which fails to count the number
  of parameters.
4.Allow blanks in password.
5.Add an option to force abbreviation of connection string.
6.Fix the handling of "PROTOCOL=x.x-x" in the connction string.
7.Fix the loadlib module of *nix.


1. Change delay load import library mechanism(libpq,openssl)
2. Compile Optimization correspondence.
3. SQLForeignKeys ResultSet accuracy correspondence.


1. bug fix: SQLBulkOperations rollback option.
   There was a case where a rollback was not published in SQLBulkOperations
   as option specification at the time of error generating.


1. Fault correction of the division SQLGetData to SQL_C_WCHAR.


1. SQLSetPos does not position to current-row to renewal of unblock cursor.
   (Data is unacquirable by SQLGetData etc.)


1. bug fix: leak of a return value clearance
2. Correspondence Windows English Dialog.
3. Changes into the libpq link method.


1. Setting menu of SSLMODE is added.
2. Correspondence to domain type lo (an approvement is still required).
3. bug fix: LIBPQ version cancellation request transmitting correspondence.
4. Correction of the exclusive control between threads of SQLCancel


1. Compilation of escape usage.
   (preliminaries corresponding to a literal-escape abolition schedule)
2. Correspondence of libpq and openssl.
3. SQLProcedureColumns()RESULT_COLS row is outputted.
4. bug fix: server-side prepare the number check of parameters.
5. bug fix: parameter bind without a parameter marker is disregarded.
6. bug fix: Retrying without carrying out a select operation to EWOULDBLOCK of socket/SSL-read.
7. Abolition of abolition in manual_result mode, TupleList, and TupleNode employment


1. Bug fix: Multi-byte employment by a table name etc.
2. The text (varchar/char) type key assignation was enabled by MS-Access.


1. Suppression of SQLColumnPrivilege support
   It rejects using information_schema.column_privileges.
2. Binary mode is used for a bytea type parameter value setup.
   (Performs by the sequence of SQLPrepare->SQLExecute by server_side_prepare employment)
3. Coexistence of LO type and bytea type.
   When the parameter of LongVarBinary exists not by SQLPrepare->SQLExecute but by
   SQLExecDirect at the time of direct dispatching, the Parse/Describe function of
   a protocol 3 is used, the model in saver of LongVarBinary is acquired beforehand,
   and a bytea type and LO type are recognized.

[Feature of Driver7.3.025x]

1. Correspondence protocol 3
   Options, such as client encoding, are set up by the start-up packet.
   This makes the most of the mechanism of Parse/Bind/Execute.
   .The outfit of SQLDescribeParam
   .PREPARE/EXECUTE is changed from the command base to the protocol base.
   .FETCH command is changed to an Execute request as it has come out.
   .Moreover, bytea and lo type coexistence is possible.

2. Enhancement in declare/fetch mode (7.4 or later)
   Even if a certain renewal occurs on the way by holdable cursor exploitation,
   a commitment is possible in comfort.
   Moreover, the static update cursor was supported.
   (Only for SQLSetPos correspondence, SQLBulkOperation are un-supporting)
   Bug fix of the cursor which can be updated.

3. Rollback support of a syntactical unit at the time of an error.(8.0 or later)
   Can choose from three Transaction module,Statement module,Nothing.
   These can be specified by data source setup.

4. Output parameter support (8.1 or later)
   Corresponded to the output parameter of the function introduced by 8.1.
   (Only the return value of a function was supported before.)

psqlODBC 08.01.0200 Release

psqlODBC 08.01.0200 contains only documentation changes over the 08.01.0108 development build.

  • Notes: psqlODBC 08.01.0108

  • 1) fix most warnings during build in x86_64 environment
    2) fixed point of failure on x86_64 boxes
    3) fixed autocommit = off behaviour with starting transactions when needed
    4) quick hack againist access violation with Disallow premature - this rarely used feature is still broken, but should no longer crash
    5) report correct SQLSTATE in SQLGetDiagField and SQLGetDiagRec

  • Notes: psqlODBC 08.01.0107

  • 1) fix next problem with calling implicit rollback in bad time
    2) detecting transaction commands into if branch which mean backend successfuly done the command. add support for "start transaction"
    3) fix bug when mylog output can't be created
    4) fix problem with SQLSetPos
    5) fix problem with column length in CC_mapping
    6) fix - typelen could be less then zero not only -1

  • Notes: psqlODBC 08.01.0106

  • 1) fix problem with getting long text in unicode driver
    2) fix sqlstate iin case of error in statement
    3) doesn't call rollback in autocommit off or in manual transaction
    4) remove obsolete parameter protocol

  • Notes: psqlODBC 08.01.0105

  • Changes:
    1) fix problem with rollback aborted queries
    2) SQLColumns or SQLColAttribute may return bad answer when Show system tables is turned off
    3) adds support for ; delimited options in ConfigDSN
    4) fixes problem with binding parameters and SQLCancel without SQLFreeStmt

  • Notes: psqlODBC 08.01.0104

  • Changes:
    1) add commit after set basic options in SQLDriverConnect when autocommit is turned off
    2) driver doesn't fail when there isn't bind enough parameters
    3) collattributes doesn't work since switch to libpq.
    There is still problem with select '' as xx from table
    4) SQLTables after SQLExecDirect has problem with GetData for all rows
    5) grow MAXKEYLEN for SQLConfigDataSource
    6) repair behaviour of more queries in one statement

  • Notes: psqlODBC 08.01.0103

  • Changes:
    1) RowCount problem in SELECT
    2) Server side prepare - but only first run in allocated statement
    3) Table names repeated in BDE with usedeclarefetch=1
    4) Binding parameters are now freed in SQLCancel
    5) Skip fetching data for commands

  • Notes: psqlODBC 08.01.0102

  • Changes:
    1) Server side prepare now works correctly.
    2) A bug in SQLTables that shows up in Borland SQL Explorer in
    3) Declare/Fetch mode has been fixed.
    4) A number of inconsistent internal APIs have been cleaned up. These
    issues only showed up on some OS's.
    5) Correct value returned by SQLGetInfo for
    driver in Visual Studio 2005.

    The last four numbers will represent the build. If the last 2 digits are
    both zero, a stable version is indicated. If the last two digits are
    non-zero, it is a development snapshot.
    So, starting with the next stable release, we will have:
    08.01.0200 - Stable
    08.01.0201 - Development
    08.01.0299 - Development
    08.01.0300 - Stable
    Of course, we won't necessarily have 99 snaphosts between stable releases!

  • Notes: psqlODBC 08.01.0101

  • Changes:
    This release fixes a serious problem in non-declare/fetch mode where
    recordsets over the configured declare/fetch cache size were returned
    incorrectly. It is advised that all users of v08.01.0100 upgrade as soon
    as possible.

    psqlODBC 08.01.0100 Release

    This release represents a major change to the driver over previous versions;
    in particular, the network code has been replaced with the PostgreSQL libpq
    library. This allows us to more easily take advantage of updates and new
    features that might be introduced to the PostgreSQL wire protocol, and also
    allowed us to upgrade straight away to the version 3 protocol which was
    previously unsupported. We were also able to add SSL support, as well as
    Kerberos authentication support.

    >From this release, two versions of the driver are provided for Windows,
    'PostgreSQL ANSI' which supports single and multibyte applications through
    the ANSI ODBC API, and 'PostgreSQL Unicode' which provides Unicode support
    through the Unicode ODBC API. On Unix systems, the driver type may be
    selected via a configure option.

    psqlODBC may be downloaded from
    in source, Windows Installer, merge module, and basic zip file formats.

    Please post any bug reports to the mailing list.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved with the
    development, testing and bug fixing of the updated driver.
    PostgreSQL Core Team

  • Notes: psqlODBC 08.00.0102

  • This is a bug fix release
    of the pre-libpq version of the driver, specifically to fix a bug
    affecting Unix users

    psqlODBC 08.00.0100 Release

    The driver is available in source form, as well as a dll, merge module
    and msi installer for Windows.

    Regards, Dave.

  • Notes: psqlODBC 08.00.0005

  • This version
    contains a some recent fixes, and is packaged in a new installer built
    entirely using open source tools (specifically, the Wix toolkit).

  • Notes: psqlODBC 08.00.0002

  • This version of the driver is a minor update
    with a fix to the string sizing code in SQLGetInfo, and removal of the
    need for tables to be in the search path or public schema for them to be
    returned by SQLTables.

  • Notes: psqlODBC 08.00.0001

  • The purpose of this version is to try to get something stable, with
    proper schema/without OID support ready for the 8.0 release
    (particularly the win32 release). To that end, this release is mainly a
    quick cleanup of the following:

    - GUI cleanup. Dialogues should behave better now and not have unlabeled
    buttons or move around the screen in strange ways.

    - Updateable Cursor support. This is largely experimental and is (I
    believe) the cause of a least a couple of stability issues in the recent
    snapshots. In this release it is marked 'experimental' on the setup
    dialogue (only in English, if anyone can do the Japanese version, please
    send a patch) and turned off by default.

    I'd appreciate it if ppl could test it a little with Updateable Cursors
    *turned off* and report any bugs.

    psqlODBC 07.05.0001

    This is version 07.05.0001. For those that don't know or don't recall
    how the versioning works, the major and minor number track the latest
    release of PostgreSQL that the driver is expected to work with. The
    revision number is a bit more complex. The first two digits are the
    version number, where even numbers are development versions, and odd are
    release. The last two digits are the build number.

    In other words, this driver is build 01 of development version 00, and
    is expected to work with PostgreSQL 7.5dev. :-) The leading zeros are an
    ODBC thing...

    psqlODBC 07.03.0100 Release

    I'm pleased to announce the long awaited new version of psqlODBC. This
    release represents a major change in the packaging and distribution of
    psqlODBC. In particular the following points should be noted:

    1) The build number will now be used to indicate both the release number
    (first 2 digits), and snapshot build number (last 2 digits). this
    release is 0100, or release 1, snapshot 0. The first development
    snapshot will become 0101, the second 0102 and so on. The next official
    release should be 07.03.0200.

    2) With this release, the ODBC 3 driver is now the default. The
    filenames, driver names and their capabilities are as follows:

    psqlodbc.dll PostgreSQL ODBC3.0 Level
    psqlodbc25.dll PostgreSQL Legacy ODBC2.5 Level
    psqlodbc30w.dll PostgreSQL Unicode (Beta) Beta quality ODBC3.0
    level driver with Unicode support

    3) The 3 drivers are no longer self contained. psqlodbc.dll is used as
    the setup dll for all three drivers, hence no matter how you
    redistribute or install the drivers, you should always include this

    In addition, this driver fixes an annoying problem with recent builds of
    PostgreSQL on Redhat systems that have a particularly long compiler
    version string that caused a buffer overflow resulting in a GPF on
    Windows upon connection to the database.
    The driver is released under the LGPL, and can be downloaded from the
    Downloads page on the website at

    === is the past history.) ===

    1.33 by hinoue Annotate
    Thu Feb 5 09:11:44 2004 (2 weeks, 3 days ago)
    Changed since 1.32: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.32 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.32 (long / unified)
    1) Change catalog functions to search 'public' schema if a user
    tries to search the user named schema and finds no record to
    2) Set the statement status to STMT_FINISHED(not STMT_PREPARED)
    if the pre execution causes an error.
    3) Adjust null terminator for SQL_C_WCHAR type.
    4) Change getCharColumnSize to return max size when the
    statement has no result.
    5) Cache the number of parameters for statements.

    1.32 by hinoue Annotate
    Tue Jan 6 09:58:22 2004 (46 hours, 12 minutes ago)
    Changed since 1.31: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.31 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.31 (long / unified)
    1) Correct the handling of SQL_C_ULONG (for *nix).
    2) Prevent plan deallocation errors when the transaction
    is in abort status.
    3) Avoid a connection failure when notice message arrives.
    4) Improve the handling of mutex(critical section).
    5) Correct the cursor open check.
    6) Change the Unicode driver to set the NULL terminator
    of SQL_C_WCHAR type data properly.
    7) Add some m(re)alloc error check.
    8) Add proper cleanup steps for some functions.
    9) Return proper min & max scale for timestamp data type.
    10) Return proper scale for timestamp data fields.
    11) Fix the bug that .009 numeric generates .9 output. (George A.J)

    1.31 by hinoue Annotate
    Tue Dec 9 05:01:38 2003 (44 hours, 22 minutes ago)
    Changed since 1.30: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.30 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.30 (long / unified)
    (for *nix)
    1. Detect -lsocket for some platforms.
    2. Handle unix domain sockets.
    3. EINTR safety for send/recv.
    4. Set TCP_NDEALY option for inet connections.
    <1-4: thanks to Hartmut Raschick>
    5. Use recursive mutex if possible.
    6. Add descriptor.c to Makefile.
    (for Windows)
    7. Automatic setting of client encoding for latin1(9).
    8. Avoid those notorious core dumps when logging on hitting
    "null" data...
    <8: thanls to Hartmut Raschick>
    9. Removed a static varible for thread-safety.
    10. Improve the performance of keyset-driven fetch operation.
    11. Map (var)char type to SQL type more properly.
    12. Change create_params for NUMERIC type to (precison, scale).
    13. Add type cast to remove some compiler warnings.

    1.30 by hinoue
    Wed Nov 12 05:15:21 2003 (8 days, 1 hour ago)
    Changed since 1.29: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.29 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.29 (long / unified)
    1) Clear statements' cursors on commit/rollback.
    2) Change SQLColumns, SQLTablePrivileges to take show_system_tables
    option into account.
    3) When an ODBC 2.x application working with an ODBC 3.x driver
    1.calls SQLExecDirect, SQLExecute, or SQLParamData, and a searched
    2.update or delete statement was executed but did not affect any
    3.rows at the data source, the ODBC 3.x driver should return
    4.SQL_SUCCESS. When an ODBC 3.x application working with an ODBC
    5.3.x driver calls SQLExecDirect, SQLExecute, or SQLParamData
    6.with the same result, the ODBC 3.x driver should return SQL_NO_DATA.

    1.29 by hinoue
    Mon Nov 10 02:10:07 2003 (10 hours, 1 minute ago)
    Changed since 1.28: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.28 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.28 (long / unified)
    1) Add conversion from text to SQL_C_BINARY(bug report from Brad Wilson).
    2) Change SQLColumns, SQLTables etc to initialize the statement handle
    properly(bug report from Yutaka Tanida).
    3) Improve the handling of mutex under *nix(bug report from Steve Wampler).

    1.28 by hinoue
    Wed Nov 5 20:35:02 2003 (4 days, 15 hours ago)
    Changed since 1.27: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.27 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.27 (long / unified)
    1) Improve SQLColAttributes(SQL_COLUMN_DISPLAY_SIZE) (bug report from Benjamin Riefenstahl).
    2) Correct EN_set_odbc3 macro (bug report from Skäre)).

    1.27 by hinoue
    Sat Oct 25 00:19:23 2003 (2 weeks, 2 days ago)
    Changed since 1.26: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.26 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.26 (long / unified)
    1) Revise the handling of descriptors and implement SQLCopyDesc.
    2) Handle data_at_execution columns for SQLSetPos or SQLBulkOperations.

    1.26 by dpage
    Wed Oct 22 09:07:25 2003 (2 weeks, 5 days ago)
    CVS Tags: REL-07_03_0200
    Changed since 1.25: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.25 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.25 (long / unified)
    Version number bump.

    1.25 by hinoue
    Sun Oct 19 22:37:42 2003 (3 weeks ago)
    Changed since 1.24: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.24 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.24 (long / unified)
    1. Fix a memory leak in case of updatable KEYSET_DRIVEN cursors.
    2. Change SQLMoreResults to initialize the cursor position.
    3. Hopefully, SQLDescribeCol() returns a more appropriate
    error code(SQLSTATE).

    1.24 by hinoue
    Fri Sep 19 05:25:17 2003 (7 weeks, 3 days ago)
    Changed since 1.23: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.23 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.23 (long / unified)
    1) Correct the return info for SQLGetInfo(.., SQL_CURSOR_COMMIT
    2) Explictly reject the SQLBrowseConnect call.

    1.23 by hinoue
    Mon Sep 15 04:25:03 2003 (8 weeks ago)
    Changed since 1.22: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.22 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.22 (long / unified)
    1. Serialize the connection use for communication(multi-thread).
    2. Let escape strings case-insensitive.

    1.22 by hinoue
    Tue Sep 2 07:25:53 2003 (2 months, 1 week ago)
    Changed since 1.21: +1 -1 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.21 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.21 (long / unified)
    Fix a bug when handling data_at_execution parameter array
    reported by Jol Valentine .

    1.21 by hinoue
    Wed Aug 27 06:17:53 2003 (2 months, 2 weeks ago)
    Changed since 1.20: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.20 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.20 (long / unified)
    1) Fix a bug on SQLSetStmtAttr(.., SQL_CONCURRENCY) reported by Shachar Shemesh.
    2) Apply a patch to changes the storage type of the debug "func" variables
    to be stored in the constant area of the program(Shachar Shemesh).
    3) Correct the column size in case of bytea as LO.

    1.20 by hinoue
    Wed Jul 30 21:57:50 2003 (3 months, 1 week ago)
    Changed since 1.19: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.19 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.19 (long / unified)
    1) Distinguish the rowset size for SQLFetch(Scroll) from that for
    2) Implement SQLGetDiagFieldW() for the Unicode driver.

    1.19 by hinoue
    Fri Jul 11 06:47:17 2003 (4 months ago)
    Changed since 1.18: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.18 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.18 (long / unified)
    Improve SQLGetDiagField so that an MFC appliaction reports
    error messages properly(bug report from Silvio Scarpati).

    1.18 by hinoue
    Wed Jul 9 04:09:11 2003 (4 months ago)
    Changed since 1.17: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.17 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.17 (long / unified)
    Add quotes around table names to use ::regclass in parse.c .

    1.17 by hinoue
    Sun Jun 29 23:51:24 2003 (4 months, 1 week ago)
    Changed since 1.16: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.16 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.16 (long / unified)
    Change SQLGetFunctions to contain ODBC3 APIs.

    1.16 by hinoue
    Thu May 29 22:30:33 2003 (5 months, 1 week ago)
    Changed since 1.15: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.15 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.15 (long / unified)
    1) Improve the SQL_C_VARBOOKMARK type handling.
    2) Cleanup copy_and_convert_field() a little.
    3) Set an error number and an error message for SQLAllocHandle(

    1.15 by hinoue
    Tue May 27 22:26:37 2003 (5 months, 2 weeks ago)
    Changed since 1.14: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.14 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.14 (long / unified)
    Fix a bug about a bookmark handling in SQLBulkOperaitons(SQL_ADD,..)

    1.14 by hinoue
    Tue May 27 19:23:41 2003 (5 months, 2 weeks ago)
    Changed since 1.13: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.13 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.13 (long / unified)
    Remove date cast(::date) from the conversion of {d escape before
    7.3 servers. 7.2 servers are poor in implicit cast from date ->
    timestamp without time zone.

    1.13 by hinoue
    Tue May 27 01:20:09 2003 (5 months, 2 weeks ago)
    Changed since 1.12: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.12 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.12 (long / unified)
    1) Corrent the handling of bookmark in SQLBulkOperations.
    2) Correct the calculation of a global index in SC_pos_add.
    3) Cleanup global/rowset/resultset index handling a little.

    1.12 by hinoue
    Sun May 25 20:47:50 2003 (5 months, 2 weeks ago)
    Changed since 1.11: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.11 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.11 (long / unified)
    Correct a handling of offset in SQLBulkOperations.

    1.11 by hinoue
    Tue May 20 10:11:22 2003 (5 months, 3 weeks ago)
    Changed since 1.10: +4 -4 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.10 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.10 (long / unified)
    Fix a crash bug in SQLDriverConnect().

    1.10 by hinoue
    Tue May 20 06:39:28 2003 (5 months, 3 weeks ago)
    Changed since 1.9: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.9 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.9 (long / unified)
    The previous change wasn't in time of 7.3.0100.
    It belongs to 7.03.0101.

    1.9 by hinoue
    Mon May 19 06:12:09 2003 (5 months, 3 weeks ago)
    Changed since 1.8: +1 -1 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.8 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.8 (long / unified)
    1) Revert a *int8 as* DSN option to *numeric* for MS Jet.
    2) Add a SQL_CA2_SENSITIVITY_ADDTIONS mask to the reply for
    which would make a little OpenOffice happy.
    3) Fix a bug in SQLGetInfo(.., SQL_ATTR_ROW_NUMBER) for keyset_driven

    1.8 by dpage
    Thu May 15 04:24:40 2003 (5 months, 3 weeks ago)
    CVS Tags: REL-07_03_0100
    Changed since 1.7: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.7 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.7 (long / unified)
    Updates for 07.03.0100

    1.7 by dpage
    Thu May 15 03:38:16 2003 (5 months, 3 weeks ago)
    Changed since 1.6: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.6 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.6 (long / unified)
    Updates for 07.03.0001

    1.6 by hinoue
    Mon May 12 11:44:08 2003 (5 months, 4 weeks ago)
    Changed since 1.5: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.5 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.5 (long / unified)
    1) Add a *bytea as LO* DSN option button.
    2) Add japanese resources to psqlodbc.rc.
    3) Add a dialog for the driver change.

    1.5 by hinoue
    Wed Apr 23 05:49:47 2003 (6 months, 2 weeks ago)
    Changed since 1.4: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.4 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.4 (long / unified)
    1) Avoid password leak in the log.
    2) Reduce time() calls for the performance.
    3) Improve the handling of per Driver resource.
    4) #define HAVE_STRTOLL

    1.4 by hinoue
    Wed Nov 27 04:30:53 2002 (11 months, 1 week ago)
    CVS Tags: REL-07_02_0005
    Changed since 1.3: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.3 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.3 (long / unified)
    Upgrade to 7.2.0005.

    1.3 by hinoue
    Thu Oct 10 02:37:54 2002 (13 months ago)
    CVS Tags: REL-07_02_0004
    Changed since 1.2: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.2 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.2 (long / unified)
    1) Change SQLDescribeCol or SQLColAttribute to return right ResultNumCols for
    keyset/static cursors.
    2) Change PG_TYPE_TEXT -> PG_TYPE_VARCHAR for character columns of the
    result of catalog functions (bug report from Mike Mascari).

    1.2 by hinoue
    Mon Sep 23 04:08:22 2002 (13 months, 2 weeks ago)
    CVS Tags: REL-07_02_0003
    Changed since 1.1: +3 -3 [Select for Diff]
    Diffs to version 1.1 (long / unified)
    Diffs ignoring whitespace to version 1.1 (long / unified)
    1) Removed most static variables for thread safety.
    2) Trial implementation of the thread safe driver under
    3) Fix a bug about DSN options setting.
    4) Fix a bug about Driver options setting.
    5) Implement SQLProcedureColumns().
    6) Changed default numeric precision/scale.
    7) Fix some memory leaks in Unicode driver.
    8) datetime -> timestamp with time zone since 7.0.
    9) Change manually started(using begin) transactions never
    be implicitly committed.

    1.1 by inoue
    Thu May 9 00:10:22 2002 (18 months ago)
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    Add a file for version control.