How to specify as a connection option

Definition Keyword Abbreviation
Data source description Description Nothing
Name of Server Servername Nothing
Postmaster listening port Port Nothing
User Name Username Nothing
Password Password Nothing
Debug flag Debug B2
Fetch Max Count Fetch A7
Socket buffer size Socket A8
Database is read only ReadOnly A0
Communication to backend logging CommLog B3
PostgreSQL backend protocol Protocol A1
Connect Settings (commands sent to backend on connection) ConnSettings A6
Recognize unique indexes UniqueIndex Nothing
Unknown result set sizes UnknownSizes A9
Use Declare/Fetch cursors UseDeclareFetch B6
Text as LongVarchar TextAsLongVarchar B7
Unknowns as LongVarchar UnknownsAsLongVarchar B8
Bools as Char BoolsAsChar B9
Max Varchar size MaxVarcharSize B0
Max LongVarchar size MaxLongVarcharSize B1
Fakes a unique index on OID FakeOidIndex A2
Includes the OID in SQLColumns ShowOidColumn A3
Row Versioning RowVersioning A4
Show SystemTables ShowSystemTables A5
Parse Statements Parse C0
SysTable Prefixes ExtraSysTablePrefixes C2
Updateable Cursors UpdatableCursors C4
LF <-> CR/LF conversion LFConversion C5
True is -1 TrueIsMinus1 C6
Datatype to report int8 columns as BI Nothing
Bytea as LO (longVarBinary) ByteaAsLongVarBinary C7
Use serverside prepare UseServerSidePrepare C8
Lower case identifier LowerCaseIdentifier C9
SSL mode SSLmode CA
Extra options AB Nothing
Abbreviate(simple setup of a recommendation value) CX Nothing
TCP KEEPALIVE setting: idle time KeepaliveTime D1
TCP KEEPALIVE setting: interval KeepaliveInterval D2
Libpq parameters (a conninfo style string e.g. pqopt={sslcert=~/mycert sslkey=~/mykey} enclosed with braces in the case of connection strings) Pqopt D5
Numeric As: specify the map from numeric items without precision to SQL data types. 2(SQL_NUMERIC default), 8(SQL_DOUBLE), 12(SQL_VARCHAR) or -1(SQL_LONGVARCHAR) can be specified. NumericAS D6
Show optional error messages. OptionalErrors D7
Chunk size when executing batches for parameterized SQL statements with arrays of parameters. BatchSize D8
Ignore SQL_ATTR_QUERY_TIMEOUT set using SQLSetStmtAttr(). IgnoreTimeout D9